How does it work to find what you are looking for and/or get to command?

Find what you're looking for in simple steps


You can always first register at no fee to the website if you have the intention of online ordering in a merchant or a local, cultural or communitarian community webstore.


Put your exact location on the case to find all businesses, services or communities available near you or browse businesses globally to find a particular merchant you're looking for outside your location.


Browse the menu to find what you are looking for and you like, consult it and even get to know local or cultural communities.

Delivered & Pay When you Order

When you order, your order is prepared & delivered to your door by the store or your local delivery company or you can pick it up at the store.You have two ways of paying. Pay cash or by machine on delivery or at the store for a pickup.


You get to know the other and you can always order at no hidden fees. You only pay a little fee (ex. COP$500 in Colombia) and the price remains the same as per telephone or in store for what you are ordering for. You can always consult to get to know what is around you at no fees and without registering.

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