The online ordering and delivery service QuickAppetit - offers you the opportunity to make your service more efficient and equitable. Give a solution to your problems with delayed deliveries.

Check online: - Maps showing shipping distances, -State and order information, - Geolocations deliverers and more.

With our help, you have the key to improve your delivery services because we have tools and resources to help you better manage your orders and your delivery time. In addition, the integration of the geographical information of the deliverers and the orders that we offer you aims to MINIMIZE YOUR CIRCUIT OF CALLS.

Standard delivery service

Find all restaurants available near you.

Online request and dispatching.

Online request and dispatching.

Driver locations

Administration and Geolocation of drivers and deliveries.

Online Orders Tool

Online Orders Tool

Request a date with an agent to

How we do:

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Integrate the whole process of taking order and delivery ...

* Your customers and employees can create orders online.

* An optimal dispatch dispatch.

They will have access to information on the latter

* Your customers have online access to order information and can follow it in real time. Use your history to take management decisions.

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