How we do

We know that you are here because you want to improve the quality of your food delivery services.Back

We are here to tell you that we can improve the quality of your food delivery service. We can integrate the entire order cycle.

We offer a service making a fluent cycle between the restaurants, the delivers and the clients, integrating an effective transmission of the information; from the client's request to the communication of the order’s information to the delivers, and from Quickappétit delivering to the satisfaction of your clients.

The optimization of the service should start from how you receive the customer order the rest ...

The application QuickAppetit allows intuitively manage customer information, such as order information.

Never more you will demand twice the contact information at the same customer. This will be stored and remain accessible after the first registration (online or phone).

Avoid common errors of conventional management:>> Loss of customer information. >> Minimize errors in when get addresses that cause delays, and customer and delivers dissatisfaction. >> Minimize the circuit calls to request deliver, monitor order status or for know the location of the vehicles.

QuickAppetit includes automated tools to control delivery times for your orders, it's is a tool to optimize the management of any business!

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If your workers have smartphones,you can use our tools for geolocation and online monitoring.

Are you ready for the next generation of resto delivery services????